Basic Information of Optimizer biases

Basic Information of Optimizer biases

Matt Cutts spoke this week about the prejudices that SEOs have today. Many of them began to believe in the existence of secret methods. site promotion.

In this week’s video, Matt Cutts commented on the prejudice that SEOs have had lately. Due to the fact that in seeker the system changes regularly, some web professionals start to panic. A proportion of them, as before, are looking for some secret methods to help them promote the sitewithout fear of sanctions. On the Web there are sections and even whole forumsdedicated to “black” web positioning and “grey” optimization methods. It is in these forums where the optimizers who do not want to follow the rules go. But we recommend that you apply for a quality promotion of top net seo.

The anti-spam team is aware of many of these resources and keeps track of the various topics that appear on the larger sites. Matt Cutts decided to warn would-be optimizers that secret methods simply don’t exist. Even if they were, no one would put this in public access. Even selling such methods is unreasonable, it is much more convenient to use the fruits of your own discovery on your own. Those specialists who offer secret methods of promotion are simply scammers. In the optimizers who win.

Among the fans of such forums there are many newcomers who continue to believe in miracles and “magic” methods. Buying CDs or e-books from “experts” on banned SEO forums is unlikely to make a newbie successful. Most likely, you’ll just screw up your own site, or worse, the client’s site. Therefore, it is better to abandon meaningless searches and focus on legitimate methods of promotion.

Another speculation that has become widespread in the SEO community concerns the promotion of sites using context. For some reason, there’s been a buzz lately among optimizers that Google is tightening up the rules to make context block more popular. In fact, contextual messages appear on sites, so Google’s revenue is not diminished by the fact that some specific sites occupy the top positions.

Optimizers are beginning to think that to successfully promote a resource in organic search, you need to buy AdWords ads. According to some of them, this helps promote the site to the top. But the advertising service does not guarantee anything of the kind. If the site is good then it will be at the top. The relevant authorized projects have many pages on the top lines. Irrelevant sites with bad content can be rolled indefinitely. No contextual advertising will affect your positions.

Matt Cutts recommends focusing on the various methods of promotion that are allowed. The combination of it can give amazing results. It is only necessary not to be lazy and forget about “magic” technologies.

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