First blog promotion experience

First blog promotion experience

when creating your Blog, the beginner usually does not know in what sequence to perform various operations to promote the project. As a result, promotion is unsystematic and ineffective.

It is not enough to create your blog, you also need to promote it. It is the promotion that is the most difficult stage. A beginner who has just created a resource may be confused when it comes to serious work to promote a project. Not all beginners know the sequence that should be followed in such work.

First, to start the promotion, you need to evaluate your blog. If you don’t have 30-50 items yet, then it’s worth waiting and adding the missing one contents. You can write so many texts in a short period of time. If it is not possible to write on your own, there will always be external specialists.

When there is content on the site, you must conduct an internal review improvement. It is necessary to link articles in the blog. In each post, you can make two links to previous posts. It is also necessary to evaluate design Yo usability Project. Only when the resource is designed, populated with a minimum amount of content, and relinked, can you start external promotion.

The promotion begins with the placement of the site description in white directories. There are many such resources. When placing descriptions, it is better to make a unique text in each case. to such resources search systems are treated more favourably. You don’t need to create in-context ads for a new blog if the resource doesn’t sell anything. The context block was created for commercial offers.

After posting the blog description on various resources, you need to write some interesting articles, which are then placed on article directories. From these sites, users can go to the webmaster’s resource. Some blog owners advertise with each other. If possible, you should agree with other bloggers and exchange articles with a link to the author’s resource.

Some webmasters immediately start buying bulk links. At first, it is better to do it not too actively. It is desirable to get a natural mass of links through exchanges with other bloggers. Promoting a resource in a safer way can be done by purchasing items. But blogging is done a little differently. In the resources visited for money, articles are published with a link to the author’s resource. This is an analogue of the exchange of posts, you only need to pay for the location.

It is not recommended to immediately start making money on the site. After all, the first few months of its existence, it only gains weight in search engines. When promoting, you need to remember that a good blog is one that is constantly filled with unique content. Promotion is a set of works, it must be carried out according to a specific plan. It is better for you to make a list of all the events.

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