How many groups does an online store need

How many groups does an online store need

Some online store owners create multiple audiences on social media for the sale of goods. Recently, this has become a very common phenomenon among businessmen.

Many retailers sell products not only through the site, but also through social networks. For this, groups and audiences are created, where the products are presented. The groups can look different, and the success of these types of sales is also different. On the Internet, you can find both public networks of entrepreneurs selling self-made products (for example, masks or earplugs), and groups of Internet giants such as Western bookstores. stories.

When creating groups on social networks, many entrepreneurs do not even think about how the variety of products affects the sale. Some cmm experts are sure that there is no point in promoting hundreds of articles to an audience at once. It is believed that a group should be created for a specific type of product or even for a product. It turns out that a large online store with hundreds of thousands of items in its assortment should create a large number of accounts?

In fact, everything is much simpler. Internet giants like well-known bookstores have something that many retailers don’t. It’s about brand, name and fame. In such a group, users themselves can already choose a product. They trust the seller and actively work with both the group and the online store. The public is used as a source of news, it is there where data about news, information about the store and promotions that it has are published.

Many retailers do not develop a brand, but continue to think about how to sell more without working on image and fame. They can, on the recommendation of experts, create dozens of audiences and thus sell heterogeneous groups of goods. But they will not achieve a turnover like that of the Internet giants until a brand is created.

Experts have already pointed out that unbranded promotion and sales will not be as effective. If a retailer wants to sell seamlessly, he needs to attract users with more than just an assortment. Therefore, the opinion that it is necessary to create a large number of groups is wrong.

Separate groups are useful for promotions. If a company needs to attract more buyers, then it is possible to select a group of products that should be sold at a low price. These products can be advertised in a group created especially for this purpose.

There are online stores that do not create groups at all. This is expensive and takes time. but real advertising can always be launched for a separate payment in public webmasters. There are people who specifically create groups and promote them to earn money by selling ad space.

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