How search engines evaluate the quality of texts

How search engines evaluate the quality of texts

The quality of the texts on the site depends on many factors. One of the factors is the reliability of the information. It is credibility that suffers the most. Articles usually written by experts.

New algorithms are introduced in search systems to better assess the quality of content on sites and resources in general. Many webmasters do not pay attention to some little things that affect the position and classification resource. At Google, raters are asked a series of questions that they must answer for themselves with a broad site evaluation.

Most likely, webmasters do not take into account the questions that testers ask. But using such a list, they could raise the quality of the texts on the site and improve the position of the resource. One of the main problems is the issue of trust. Many webmasters publish serious texts on their sites. You can find medical advice, advice on self-repair of laptops and electrical equipment, as well as information on where to invest in them. Such advice should be verified.

Most of the time, the texts on websites are written by hired authors. Upon verification, it turns out that many of the recommendations are not reliable. They can be ineffective at best, and harmful at worst. This is especially true for medical resources. topics. Posting an article on the site, you definitely need to ask yourself how reliable the data in the text is. Can the author be trusted?

References to authoritative sources may be given in the text. This will serve as a credibility factor for the author. Among the reliable sources, experts, researchers, specialists in some field should be noted.

The resource should be checked for duplicate content. If the site contains many articles on the same topic, it may turn out that each text does not fully cover the topic. Full coverage of the topic is permitted in multiple articles. But at the same time, the reader must understand that there are several texts on a particular topic.

Search engines approve when a text completely covers a certain topic. This speaks of the quality of the information. Given, of course, that there is no “water” in the text. Material should always be carefully edited. The quality of the text can be evaluated very easily. If the article is suitable for placement in a serious magazine or other publication, then it’s good.

The evaluators evaluate the article subjectively. If you want to share the text or give a link to social network, then it is well written or on a current topic. Some webmasters post articles that are well written but not relevant at all. They may be out of date, contain inaccurate or outdated information, or not meet the needs of the audience.

Experts don’t always write articles objectively. The texts can be dominated by an individual vision of the problem. But this point of view must not damage or distort the truth.

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