impact of context on buyers

Google will assess the impact of context on buyers

Google has long planned a program to assess the impact of contextual advertising on offline shoppers. We are talking about those customers who made a purchase in Shopnoticing an ad seeker.

Last year, the search engine management intended to carry out offline analytical work, but the plans failed. This year, the search engine has every opportunity to understand how context affects consumers.

Offline for an Internet business, it is very difficult to assess the impact of certain factors on customer demand. It’s much easier to do this when selling online to a search engine. But such an evaluation is necessary. Only a comprehensive analysis of the impact on the offline sector can provide data on the effectiveness of contextual advertising. What exactly are the goals pursued by Google, it is impossible to say for sure. Management may want to obtain information on the percentage of influence. But there is also the possibility that the search engine plans to promote itself as a comprehensive advertising service.

If it turns out that context has a strong influence on offline customer demand, then Google’s advertising platform may have more customers. Today, promotion through Google AdWords is mostly chosen by online businesses. These are various online stores, companies that can provide services remotely, as well as those organizations that successfully operate both online and offline. But we must not forget that renowned organizations such as banks, law firms, car dealers and large financial structures are promoted in the search engine and in the contextual advertising block. These companies would like to know the statistics. But at the same time, other companies also need statistics.

Car dealers, for example, spend a decent amount of money on promotion in context, as well as with the help of banners. Some small local organizations capture clients in a certain city and even area. When statistics on the effectiveness of contextual advertising are known, advertisers will understand whether they are spending their budget profitably or in vain.

Google has already announced a program that will perform the analysis. Also connected to the program are some search engine partners who will handle various parts of the analytics program. Some of them will take care of the technical part of the event. Data about the effectiveness of online advertising in AdWords will be available to advertisers in the reporting service. The search engine representatives said that the advertiser will even be able to find out which specific ads turned out to be the most effective. This will allow you to remove some of the ads and focus your budget on more effective advertising.

It is difficult to imagine how exactly the entire tracking process will take place, because Google did not describe such details. The search engine representatives only talked about the tasks facing the system today.

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