Influence of search demand structure on SEO

Influence of search demand structure on SEO

Choice of method site promotion Companies are highly influenced by structure. search ask for. That’s what you should focus on when choosing to promote to the top or by traffic.

Some optimizers still argue about which method of promotion is more profitable for business resources: by traffic or by position. But specialists who already have extensive experience and training in promoting this type of project have already established that neither method has an advantage over the other. The most important thing to consider when improvement project, this is the structure of the search request.

To understand what the structure of search demand is, you can use an example. If you accept the request”…, no, a taxi site is better, then you can roughly imagine how exactly the user will search for the corresponding service. The largest number of potential customers will search for an organization that can simply provide them with such a service. There will also be requests for trips to cities neighbors or to the airport, but such keywords there will only be a few. In this case, having selected only a dozen phrases, you can promote the project based on them. If you get to the top of such requests, the company will receive a large number of orders.

On the other hand, there are resources that offer furniture or appliances. Furniture is different, some buyers are generally interested articles on the choice of furniture and various expert opinions to navigate the market range. In this case, promotion to the top will be practically useless. Even if the SEO company listens to the client and starts moving to the top, when the result is achieved, the level of sales will still not change. Because the company will not be able to cover the maximum number of clients anyway.

The promotion of such resources is based on traffic. Optimizers choose the maximum possible number of search queries, as well as similar keywords, and strive to make the site as “visible” as possible for all these keywords. The more people visit the site, the better. This increases the number of potential customers. Promoting a few low-frequency inquiries will also be optimal, but only if the business is looking to attract customers to a specific product or service.

Today there is another way to make the company as recognizable as possible and provide it with customers. It’s about the brand. If you make the company recognizable, then when thinking about buying furniture or home appliances, the customer will already associate the product itself with a particular organization. Here you can already promote the company in the search by name.

When moving through traffic, all possible requests are taken first to maximize the influx of users to the site. But after a certain period of time, it is necessary to carry out analytical work and identify the most profitable keywords for which the maximum number of transitions is recorded. In the future, the company can focus on investing in the promotion of these key phrases.

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