Know About Rogues in SEO

Know About Rogues in SEO

Clients who need to promote the site turn to specialists. Sometimes resource owners become victims of scammers without knowing it. After all, thieves play the pros very convincingly.

Statistics show that some clients who managed to pay the crooks, but then turned to a regular office, may not fully understand that they were “divorced”. After all, the proportion of clients of SEO companies are people who are not well versed in seeker improvement.

What is the difference between crooks and decent optimizers? It is definitely difficult to identify such a category of entrepreneurs. They are great for promoting your business and negotiating with customers. It is difficult to find fault with them if it turns out that no success in promotion has been achieved. Such “specialists” will always find an excuse for failure. Clients often trust such people and pay them to get the desired effect. But the results are often disastrous. Money is running out of the client’s budget and the site is not in the top positions.

Such optimizers may seem like quite successful people. They know how to create an image of successful professionals. Customers feel that they are dealing with experts. In reality, such individuals, of course, have means. Part of the money they receive from customers, these people spend on promoting their business and on their own image. This creates a certain reputation around you. They can provide reviews and guarantees unconditionally, but all reviews are purchased from professionals, and guarantees are easily denied by such specialists.

Potential client optimizers deliver a quick result. The prices of the services depend on the type of criminals. There is a category of pseudo-optimizers that actively perform dumps offering an affordable service. Others, on the contrary, inflate prices, creating the image of an elite agency of professionals. Later website promotion in such companies (or in such people) true professionals discover strange things. For example. a client’s site may contain links to resources of other clients. Scammers actively use methods to trick search engines. Used for this spam, traps and various methods that can be attributed to “black” seo.

The work of scammers depends heavily on search algorithms. A minor change in search engine algorithms can completely destroy the work of such “specialists”. Regardless of the scammers’ pricing policy, all these people have one thing in common: they are only interested in customers’ money. They put results in the background in their work and rarely achieve anything significant.

There is a category of clients who immediately ask optimizers how much to pay to achieve the top (or other result). Such clients can quickly attract the right people who are only interested in how much the client can pay. Many scammers evaluate their customers for their skill, setting the price of the transaction.

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