Learn About Yandex AGS has changed

Learn About Yandex AGS has changed

Yandex unexpectedly improved the AGS. Now sites that do not meet certain requirements will not be excluded from seeker issue. They simply reset the TIC.

The AGS algorithm has been changed. Previously, it excluded from broadcasting those resources that turned out to be spam and of poor quality. Sites will now not be excluded from search results. The idea of ​​​​developers is more promising: such sites will lose the TIC. Webmasters who create projects for link sales can immediately understand what the problem is. The fact is that link prices most often depend on the TCI site. Many exchanges, before allowing a site to participate in link sales, review it from all sides. One of the main indicators by which the site is being evaluatedagain, ICT.

If the site loses the TCI, many promising exchanges may be closed to it. Also, it is unlikely that someone would want to place a bulk link on such a resource for a decent payment. It will simply become unprofitable to sell links from such sites, and as a result, webmasters can move on to creating high-quality, human-oriented projects. By the way, links from sites that are included in the ACS will not be indexed yet. So there is no point in buying them.

Today, many webmasters have already expressed their opinions about the algorithm updates. Most of them are not very happy that the search engine has taken such drastic measures. For those site owners who create projects for links, lowering the TIC is equivalent to excluding the site from indexing. After all, it is no longer possible to receive income anyway.

The Yandex team has been cleaning search results from spam and low-quality sites for more than a year, as well as companies that donate yamobur for rent. The AGS algorithm appeared in 2009. Its appearance caused a collapse for many resources that were created for the sale of links. These were not the highest quality sites, articles in many of them they were designed exclusively for robots. If it were not for the operational work of the Yandex team, today’s users could see resources full of links and nonsense text on the first lines.

Recent changes in the algorithm can be considered revolutionary. Until now, the ACS has excluded bad sites from search results, this is the essence of its work. Now a lot has changed. However, nothing new has happened for webmasters who abuse links. Sites without TCI are unlikely to rank highly. They can almost completely disappear simply because they can no longer access the first few pages of the issue. It is believed that resources can be considered “live” only when, at least for some request, they can be seen on the first page.

The AGS update was unexpected, Yandex decided to surprise. It is not yet known if anyone was affected by the updated algorithm. Specialists may not have released it in all regions yet. Statistics will be announced later.

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