Main types of search queries

Main types of search queries

There are several types search requests, with which you can skillfully attract customers or visitors to the site. Some requests may be classified as general. They do not have a clear direction.

By working with a search engine, users can search for different information. But all requests are clearly divided into several groups. There are five main groups of requests. The most curious are the general queries. Users can enter the phrase “wedding dresses” in the search box without qualifying. At the same time, their motives can be very different, because dresses are bought, rented, sold, and also just interested in styles and history of development.

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Media category queries enter the search box for those users who need to find clips, musical files, movies, games and the like content. This type of request has become popular in recent years.

Commercial site owners will be more interested in those visitors who enter transactional requests. These are people looking to buy or download something. This type of request is the most competitive, but generates the maximum income. If the site owner manages to get to the front lines with such requests, sales are guaranteed.

The requests for information are of interest to those users who are looking for data and information on various topics. These people may click through all the sites on the search engine results page until they find a very high-quality project that answers their question. If the answer is found, the user stops searching further.

Information requests are a “gold mine” for webmasters who make money from contextual advertising and link sales. Here, for site development, you need to put high-quality texts on resource pages for people who will answer your questions. Sometimes you can also add iconography and multimedia to regular texts. Many such resources exist and should not be promoted through commercial solicitation. Because these projects cannot compete with the organizations’ websites.

The fifth type of requests is the simplest. this is about navigational queries, when the user enters the name of a particular site in the search. The visitor knows exactly what he is looking for, he needs a specific site. Other resources may be promoted by such requests, but you should not bet on them. It is noted that the most popular requests of this type are names social mediaas well as giant companies like Microsoft.

To attract visitors to commercial sites, you can use almost all types of queries. The most effective are transactional and informational. The transactional help the visitor to find the right product or software. The news bulletins give information about the product and do not seem to be obligatory to buy, but create an atmosphere for the purchase and instill confidence in the retailer in the user.

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