Myths about the length of texts on websites

Myths about the length of texts on websites

About what should be the length of the text on the site, the optimizers have been arguing for a long time. Some of them believe that users do not need texts at all. But informational texts are still in demand.

There are many myths about which texts are better shared by users and distributed in social media. There is also a lot of fiction about which texts are better ranked and more in demand among readers. Experts have identified several of these myths. One of the most common says that most of the time texts containing a minimum number of words are shared on social networks. For example, these are 500-700 character posts.

Reality does not confirm this myth. Rather, it confirms the fact that it is more convenient for account owners and audiences to write small texts. In addition, social networks have a special format for publications. You can place a good iconography, a meme or just an image along with the text to say what you want. But this is also possible for Blog. An author who writes every day can reduce the size of posts. Long texts take time, they need to be thought. often for a long time articles the author just doesn’t have enough new material.

There is another myth according to which people on the Internet do not read anything. The Internet was created to view texts and search images. Such a myth was created, most likely, by those webmasters who have been creating sites for search robots for a long time. The content for these projects was purchased at the lowest price and had no particular style or content. Of course, articles containing solid “water” and sets of meaningless phrases will be viewed diagonally. Some users who know that they are dealing with texts for robots will leave the site altogether.

After all, the Internet was created to search for information, so users read articles. Interest in content largely depends on its content. Some webmasters claim that the most effective texts on websites are those that are most authentic. Such a statement is half a myth. Partially long articles really stand out, but bot articles that are simply impossible to read can also be longer.

Statistics show that this year texts with a length of 2,300 to 2,500 characters are the most effective. Such texts attract more natural backlinks. In addition, they allow the author to include alternative key phrases in the body of the article that will surely attract the attention of search robots. This already automatically guarantees an increase in the number of impressions of the site in natural search results. In this way, you can attract more users. But do not forget about the contained content.

Even though today’s webmasters strive to optimize for keywords headlines, search engines focus more on the text. They have become much smarter. Therefore, the benefits of long articles should not be underestimated.

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