The role of seo in marketing

The role of seo in marketing – All Joomla applications

It is not the site itself that should be promoted on the Internet, but the company through it. Many business owners do not take a comprehensive approach to promoting their organization and its products. That’s why your sales are not growing.

While promoting the site, many webmasters forget the most important thing. In improvement they pay attention mainly to the project itself, forgetting that it is necessary to promote the company, the business. As a result, attendance rates can be high, but sales don’t always increase. Website owner mistakes can be summed up in two main points. In the first place, when it comes to promoting, there is an orientation exclusively towards search systems Second, promotion does not differentiate visitors.

Search engines can bring good traffic to a website. They are useful if the webmaster earns by advertising or selling through affiliate programs. But even in this case, some search engines are not enough. There is such a thing as the mass media, which includes all possible promotional channels, including newspapers and television. As far as the Internet is concerned, we must not forget social media, forumsvarious blogging, sites of interest and other resources. All these means can be useful. In order for the company to have as many clients as possible, it is necessary to work with different platforms.

By promoting the site, the webmaster attracts different visitors. Few people think about it until they get a paradoxical result: traffic increases, but sales do not. Just from organic search, both potential customers and competitors can go to the resource. There is also a category of opponents to the signature. Many visitors to the resource are not interested in buying. Part of the traffic are so-called “lost” users. Such visitors accidentally end up on the site, and sometimes they themselves cannot really say what they forgot on it.

Precisely because the webmaster did not take these trifles into account, sales do not grow. But with competent work with the same “lost” users, it would be possible to create company customers from them. Or at least create a favorable image of the company in their eyes. Some visitors leave the resource, but come back a month later when they need a specific product. Why is this happening? It’s just that these people remembered the site that attracted them.

For each category of visitors on the site, you can create content, even for competitors and adversaries. Do not denigrate your competitors. Some of them easily become partners with the right approach. “Lost” customers can consistently become customers first, then regular customers, then loyal customers. Not every consumer will make it to the latter category, but consistently working the site in the right direction will create a great foundation for sales.

The main characteristic of a good promotion is complexity. Without an integrated approach, it is difficult to count on constant sales and their growth.

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