There will be fewer fragments with author marks

There will be fewer fragments with author marks

Google decided to drastically reduce the number of copyrighted sites. Today they are already 30% less than a month ago. It is not exactly known whether such a “cleansing” is carried out for any evil.

Google specialists did a thorough cleaning again seeker broadcast, and this time they touched the copyright contents. Matt Cutts recently stated that many site owners from different countries started manipulating such an element as author rank. They are trying to attract users with author markup.

It is worth remembering that author markup implies a special structure of fragments. These are so-called rich snippets, which can contain more information. In the search results in such snippets, not one link is displayed, but several. Also, such backlinks lead to various pages of the author’s website. Copyrighted resources must meet certain requirements in order to enjoy this privilege.

Some site owners have written to search engine support to be allowed to use this snippet system. Only a fraction of these requests have been approved. But even among these lucky ones today, many do not qualify. Initially, the resources met Google’s requirements, but over time, many things have changed. Optimizers began to manipulate search robots to attract maximum traffic, and such behavior is punishable. Google does not tolerate this, because any site is supposed to be focused primarily on users.

Just the other day, experts noted that the number of copyrighted sites has decreased. If we compare the results of a month ago and today for requests of a certain nature, we can see that about 30% of author projects have been removed from the search. Of course, they have not completely disappeared. It’s just that the authors were transferred to the usual markup.

Some owners of such projects are now wondering if they can bring back the ability to use author markup again. Matt Cutts gave no instructions on the matter. The only thing he definitely guaranteed was a reduction in the amount of such resources. Perhaps if the owners of such sites write to the support service, they will receive an answer to their question. Although the smart thing to do would be to wait for a new Matt Cutts video. He will probably get a lot of questions like this.

How to behave so as not to lose the ability to use a new type of markup? Matt Cutts talked about this even earlier. He said such resources simply need to be appropriate and unique enough. There are no other recommendations in this regard. Some webmasters noted that they still have the ability to use author markup, but some images have disappeared from the snippets.

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