What determines the landing page format

How to make a sales page to ensure the highest possible conversion? This difficult question cannot be answered unequivocally, because much depends on the nature of the product.

Website owners are constantly wondering how long a landing page should be. On the Internet, you can find many recommendations on which page is better. Someone stubbornly claims that long pages have lost their relevance a long time ago, and today it is necessary to provide the consumer with short information. Other experienced webmasters prove that only one page classic can sell effectively, and its shortened versions do not work. Still others generally believe that it is time to switch to the video format, because such videos do not require text.

If you search the Internet in English, you can find sales pages of all formats there. They continue to live peacefully and sell. Long pages sometimes sell just as well as video presentations. Short pages work too. What’s the trick?

The fact is that the length of the sales page is not the most important factor. Yes, of course, long scrolling pages are not very convenient. Users get frustrated when they have to scroll endlessly. But this problem can be solved by placing the “Up” button on the resource. The length of the page largely depends on how many objections the product raises. If the site owner has to deal with visitor objections and answer a lot of questions, then the page just can’t be short.

When developing a sales page, you can resort to tricks. Each site owner has the opportunity to conduct a survey among potential buyers. These can be questions about the product and individual elements of the sale, such as delivery or warranty. Even if consumers don’t make a purchase, they will still provide some benefit. Based on the data from such surveys, you can already refine the page and make it more suitable for user requests.

There are products that do not raise doubts. Although even when selling charcoal, the retailer must provide certain information. There are also those products that require a lot of clarification. For example, capsules or other drugs to lose excess weight will generate many questions from consumers. Such moments must be foreseen in advance.

The video format is one of the most compact and convenient, but it also has its drawbacks. When watching a video, the user cannot go back to the place they need and see the information in more detail. Also, the sound may be undesirable, because the consumer may be at work. Some sellers create videos that run without the user’s permission. This creates many inconveniences.

The text format is preferable, although if you wish, you can also make a nice video presentation of the product.

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