Why Yandex experiments with the context

Yandex has been experimenting with contextual advertising for a long time. Change of blocks design and individual items. representatives seeker said what is tests It allows to improve the context.

For several months, the most observant users were able to notice the changes that have occurred in the Yandex contextual advertising service. The context of the search engine has changed, but this does not mean that the experiments have stopped. The search guide continues to offer experimental ad forms to some users. Many of them have already noticed that their ads look different from time to time.

Yandex representatives have already been asked why they need constant experiments and what they can lead to. The company has not yet said anything definitive about whether or not the context block will change again. Search engine specialists collect statistics today and evaluate the effectiveness of ads in different formats. It has already been pointed out that some types of advertisements better attract the attention of users.

In the Yandex ad unit, you can notice several types of changes, which are conventionally divided into two groups. The first group of changes are those that are made to the design of the blocks. Specialists can clarify the problem, change sources, change the background of the ad or remove it altogether. People today can already distinguish advertising from search results. These design changes do not affect the information in the block.

The second exchange rate is informational. Specialists do not remove anything from the ads, but supplement them. In the blocks from time to time below the ads, you can see phone numbers, business hours of the organization and much more. According to Yandex representatives, such information increases the number of clicks. People are drawn to details, so this type of data may even remain in ads. Earlier, Yandex experts noted that users are favorably affected by the presence of various quick links. It is much more convenient for people to work with ads that have such links. This way, they can go directly to the resource page of the advertiser they are interested in.

Yandex collects information on how ads can be improved. Similar work is being done at Google. We must not forget that advertising is also tested on the mobile Internet. Experimental ad formats can also be found here. In Yandex, after collecting statistics, they will analyze the data. After analysis, some elements of experimental ads can be integrated into regular ad results.

All the innovations that have been introduced in the design of contextual ad units have appeared thanks to these types of experiments. First, statistics were collected, and then their effectiveness was evaluated.

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